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If your product is out of warranty, you can call any licensed service technician for inspection or repair. But not all service technicians have been trained on Hisense products, and not all television or refrigeration products are designed and manufactured identically. If you’d like to contact an authorized service technician with experience working on Hisense products, you can call our team at 1-855-344-7367 and provide them with your postal code. Or you can use one of the maps below.

If you have found your own technician when you are booking your service call over the phone, please ensure you let them know your product is a Hisense and provide the model number. Not all technicians will service all brands or products and in rare cases, customers are charged for the technician attending the call, whether an inspection or repair is completed or not.

If you have purchased an additional extended warranty through a retailer or your credit card company, when you made your purchase, please follow the instructions they have provided to you, or reach out to the extended warranty provider for more information.

If your product is in warranty, please click here.

Please note, not all Hisense products are eligible for repair. If you have a portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, compact fridge, wine chiller, or chest freezer, please click here. 

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Our team is available to provide telephone or documentation support to any licensed television or home appliance technician, whether they are currently an authorized Hisense partner or not. If you are a licensed technician looking to contact a member of our team, please click here.

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