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Where Could You Use Another TV?

Where Could You Use Another TV?

Avoid viewing conflicts with strategic placement of the television

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (June 9, 2020) — The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Canadians indoors for the better part of the past two months.

With families confined to the same space, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep everybody occupied — and not fighting. It has also exposed the reality that not everybody can watch their favourite shows at once on the same television.

Quite frankly, home electronics is one area that has actually done quite well during the pandemic as people are looking to diversify their entertainment options while confined to their homes. Indeed, it is a good time to consider how an additional television can help families manage the stress that has come with quarantine.

Hisense Canada offers the following ideas for adding to your viewing options in the home:

For the Home Office — Whether you work off a laptop or a desktop, many people have purchased a television to act as a second screen — or even the primary screen, for that matter. Not only does a bigger screen make it easier to observe what is happening in an online video meeting, but it also serves as another place (after working hours!) where people can watch their favourite movie or program to minimize conflicts for other TVs in the house.

For the Playroom — Whether you need some quiet space for a meeting or just some downtime, there are benefits to giving the kids their own space where they can escape during the time when we are all stuck at home. Mounting a TV in the playroom — with limits on when and how long it can be used — creates that space and keeps the family room TV free for older kids or adults.

For the Bedroom — With several people in the house at the same time for an extended period of time, the risk of conflict over what to watch is inescapable. Putting a TV in the master bedroom allows the parents to remove their stake in the fight over the TV, putting you in a better position to officiate who gets to watch what, and when they get to watch it.

For the Backyard — There is never a good time for a pandemic, but this one hit at a time when Canadians were starting to suffer from the cabin fever that typically comes at the end of winter. The pandemic extended our time spent at home. With the weather turning, it is a great time to put a TV in the yard. There is nothing quite like movie night under the stars.


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