The Indoors Comes Outdoors

Know what to look for in a TV that keeps up with the action on the field

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (March 20, 2020) — Today’s backyards are more than simple patches of grass with a garden at the back and space for the kids and pets to run around.

They have become extensions of the home, with elaborate landscaping and outdoor “rooms” that replicate what can be found in the home. Simple patio sets have evolved into full dining tables, “conversation sets” (that is, couches, love seats and chairs) have become commonplace and the old backyard barbecue is now a gourmet grill in an outdoor kitchen.

“Canadian winters can be cold, long and dark, so when summer arrives we want to do all we can to maximize our time spent outdoors,” says Meaghan Wilkinson, Director of Marketing for Hisense Canada. “A backyard oasis is a place where we can relax quietly, or gather with family and friends for food, drink and conversation. The more we replicate outside what we have in our homes, the more quality time we can spend outdoors.”

Some key elements of a backyard oasis would include:

  • Entertaining Space: Essentially your living room outside. Comfy seating is a must, and if placed under a gazebo, you can enjoy it in almost any weather. Such a structure also enables you to safely install a television outdoors, mounted on the wall and protected from the elements. Hisense’s Quantum Dot technology puts more than a billion colours in the TV, with a higher contrast range that make good viewing whether you are watching in the middle of the afternoon or after the sun goes down.

  • Gourmet Space: A lot of house parties gravitate towards the kitchen, and it’s not much different outside. The grill is where the magic happens, and where people gather to swap stories and share some laughs. A must in any outdoor kitchen is a fridge incorporated into the design, not only to keep food chilled and safe, but also to ensure cold drinks are close at hand.

  • Tranquil Space: A place to go an unwind. Plant a pollinator garden with a small bench off to the side, and a water feature offering a gentle trickle for background noise. It’s an ideal spot to get away and let your stress melt away.

  • Play Space: Maybe you have a pool where people can splash around or horseshoe pits or just a place on your lawn to set up tailgate party-style games like cornhole or washer toss. Whatever it is, it’s great to have a place where you can just play.

  • Storage and Media Space: 
    A garden shed is no longer just for your mower and rakes. Having a shed, with electricity running to it, gives you space to set up your music, store your games and even put in a bit of bigger fridge than you would have in an outdoor kitchen. 

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