The Evolution of Television

The Evolution of Television

Laser TV brings a mammoth screen with crystal clear picture into your home

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (August 13, 2020) — The next generation of television gets you as close to being in a theatre without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

The Hisense L5F 4K Smart Laser TV has redefined the big screen TV. Using an ultra-short throw projector with a wide-angle lens that allows the projector to be placed right under the screen — as opposed to mounted on the ceiling halfway across the room, with all the requisite wiring to connect all the components — the Hisense L5F series Laser TVs create a true cinematic experience.

“The picture quality of a laser TV is exceptional, with true-to-life images delivered by eight million pixels on an extra-large screen,” says Meaghan Wilkinson, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Hisense Canada. “The result is an image that is sharper, brighter and shown in true colours that exceed the standard UHD 4K colour range, projecting images on your screen the way the director intended them.”

The L5F’s blue laser light source produces razor-sharp, precise images with stunning detail, all while avoiding unwanted light dispersion and offering a more natural viewing experience. Fast-moving images appear smooth and crisp, making it the ideal source for watching sports, enjoying fast-action movies and gaming.

It looks its absolute best when the image is projected onto an Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Screen (sold separately from the projector). An ALR screen reflects the light of the projector back towards the viewers while deflecting other light sources in the room in other directions. This makes a projection TV feasible in any room of the house (whereas traditional projectors are best viewed in dark rooms). It also makes it comfortable to watch the TV from any angle.

Other features of Hisense L5F Laser TV include:

• High Dynamic Range — The technology behind the stunning picture, HDR supports brighter and more diverse array of colours, which creates a sharper image on the screen. The result is an image that is incredibly realistic.

• DLP Theatre Technology — Combined with Hisense innovation, it provides laser-focused detail and brightness that before has only been seen in cinemas.

• Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation — A special chip in the TV that creates a motion rate 10 times faster than some theatre-inspired televisions — that means fast-moving images are smooth and clear without lag, making the L5F series ideal for watching sports, action movies or playing video games.

• Big Sound — Embedded speakers featuring dbx-tv® provide a superior audio experience, with up to 30W of superior audio performance.

• SmartTV —Android TVTM brings plenty of content options with more than 500,000 apps and games from the Google Play® store to the screen that can reach as big as 100 inches. (There is an option for a screen as large as 120 inches, but while it is a Smart TV, it is not equipped with AndroidTV.)

The L5F series seamlessly connects to your home theatre set up, with four HDMI ports, two USB, RCA outputs and Digital Audio. But it is also equipped with ARC HDMI to connect to compatible audio devices with a single HDMI cable.

The Hisense L5F Laser TV and ALR screen are available on


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