Media Release: Don't Miss a Scare

What to look for in the right TV for your Halloween Horror Screamfest

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (September 23, 2019) — To get the most of the suspense, the chilling music and the blood curdling screams in your favourite horror movie, you can’t just watch it anywhere. 

The tension of the film is enhanced when you get the atmosphere right. It should be dark, maybe a few candles providing a small amount of flickering light at the back of the room. You want it quiet so the soundtrack of the movie resonates throughout. And you have to watch it on the right kind of TV. 

“Whether you prefer the tension of a slow burn, extreme blood splatter or gasp-out-loud jump scares, the way you experience a horror movie is greatly influenced by the kind of TV you are watching,” says Ashley Saunders, Social Media Specialist for Hisense and a self-avowed horror movie enthusiast. “You want a big screen. The colour balance has to be just right — not too dark or you can’t see anything, not too bright or it ruins the ambiance — with a sound system that you feel in your chest when you are supposed to feel it in your chest, and is reduced to a whisper when the tension is building.” 

Ashley recommends looking for the following in your TV when you want to maximize your chills and fears. 

  • Latest TV Technology — The picture quality in TVs has come a long way in a short time. HD is no longer enough. For an ideal movie experience, you want to start with at a 4K ULED television, but even better is Quantum Dot technology or, if your budget permits, a Laser TV that can come with a screen up to 100 inches. 

  • Broad Colour Palette — It’s not often a horror flick gives you a blast of bright colours like you see when Dorothy steps out of her house in the Wizard of Oz, but there are a lot of nuances in the dark that you could miss if your TV has a limited colour range. You want to be able to distinguish the dark from the really dark, you want to see what is moving in the shadows. And reds must look real in horror movies. Nothing takes you out of a scary moment faster than fake-looking fake blood. 

  • Contrast — Without the right contrast, you could end up watching a black screen, or get pixelated blotches in the dark areas that make it hard to see what is happening. A TV equipped with local dimming zones provides a higher contrast range.

  • Smooth Motion — When the jump scare hits, you don't want to miss it because your TV gets blurry when the action moves too fast. Look for a TV with Motion Rate technology to minimize lag and ensure you get nothing but fluid motions during fast-moving scenes. The only thing that should be choppy is the murder. 

  • Killer Sound — Pun intended. Much of the tension and thrills in a horror flick comes from the soundtrack. TVs with advanced dbx-tv® technology are pushing the innovation envelope with the sound they pump out. It provides deep, rich audio that matches the picture quality on your TV. The Hisense Laser TV uses top-of-the-line Harmon Kardon® sound — four embedded speakers and a wireless subwoofer pumping out 100 watts of superior audio, ensuring you hear every leaf crinkle and twig snap as the killer is on the hunt for prey. 

  • Smart — With the ability to connect to your SmartHome, access streaming services without external support and give you instant access to all of your horror favourites, a smart TV is vital. Through popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, GooglePlay and specialty apps that cater to the horror genre (particularly the classics), you can have instant access to all of your scary favourites.

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