Make Life Easier with More Fridge Space

Make Life Easier with More Fridge Space

A secondary unit creates more flexibility

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (April 20, 2020) — It is frustrating to return home from grocery shopping and having no space in your fridge for all that you just bought.

Then follows the complex calculations to determine what really doesn’t need to go in the fridge, or ditching those leftovers that maybe haven’t quite reached their shelf life yet. Do you just leave the soft drinks in the case and drink it warm or in a glass with ice? What about that bottle of wine that needs to be chilled?

And none of that considers the benefits of a second fridge for entertaining or even just relaxing somewhere in your house that isn’t the kitchen.

“Additional fridge space in your home isn’t a problem you are likely to think about it, until it is actually a problem,” says Meaghan Wilkinson, Director of Marketing for Hisense Canada. “Truth is, there are so many advantages to creating extra fridge space in your home. An additional 14 to 17 cubic feet of space — about the size of a fridge for a condo or apartment — can make a big difference.”

A secondary fridge is useful in a multitude of ways:

Kitchen Annex — If you are feeding a large family or stockpiling food to reduce the number of trips you have to make out to the grocery store, you need additional space to keep your food fresh and safe. A secondary fridge — place it in the garage, laundry room, a mudroom at the backdoor or even in the basement — can be the place you keep items like condiments and various ingredients you maybe don't need daily, but should be kept refrigerated.

Beverage Centre — Stashing soft drinks, juices, wine, beer and other drinks in a second fridge frees up a lot of space in your main fridge for your perishable food items, sauces and condiments.

Bar Fridge — Standard bar fridges are handy in that they can be hidden under a counter. However, they also have limited capacity. A mid-size fridge not only has more space for beers, coolers, seltzers, wines and your favourite mixes, it also has a freezer where you can make and store ice for mixing up cocktails.

Refreshment Centre — Whether taking in a movie or binging your favourite show, it is handy to have a fridge in or near your home theatre for quick and easy access to a drink refill or snacks so you don’t miss a minute of the action or have to endure unnecessary pauses. A fridge larger than a typical bar fridge also includes a freezer — and that means you can have ice cream nearby!

Backyard Entertaining — The warm weather will be here soon, and hopes are current restrictions to help contain the spread of COVID-19 will be lifted come summer. Thoughts are a lot of people will make up for lost time with family and friends. If hosting a gathering in your yard, keep the party outside with a fridge in the shed or cabana that can be stocked with all matter of drinks and refreshments.

For more reasons on why you should consider a second fridge, check out this YouTube video.