Important Notice - Fraudulent Job Postings

In recent months, it has been brought to our attention that there is a scam circulating throughout Canadian post-secondary institutions as well as popular job-seeker websites. The scam involves both the Hisense company name and sometimes the name of Hisense Canada employees, who are in no way responsible for our hiring process.

There are several fraudulent job postings on post-secondary institution job boards as well as seeking PT/FT staff for Hisense Canada working out of British Columbia and other Canadian locations. From the information gathered, applicants are put through a “screening process” and then being asked for personal information, such as a SIN number and then payment to be made as either an “application processing fee” or to verify that you have a Canadian bank account when a fake offer is made.

This fraudulent activity seems to be targeting international students, those who may appear to be new to Canada and those who may not yet be familiar with Canadian hiring laws and practices. Those committing the scam are attempting to use a “certificate” that is “signed” by a senior member of the Hisense Global organization to validate the authenticity of the job postings. We can assure you, these postings are not made by anyone inside the Hisense Canada organization. Hisense Canada will never ask you for money as any part of our hiring process. We will also never ask you for personal information, such as a SIN number or banking information via email or over the phone. That information will be requested in person at such a time that an offer has been made and contracts are being signed.

Hisense Canada is not actively hiring, and our Canadian headquarters is in Mississauga, ON. We do not currently have any additional office locations. When we post job postings, it is to job boards, like LinkedIn and Indeed. We do not currently share these to post-secondary institutions.

The email addresses, and are in no way related to Hisense Canada or the Hisense Global organization. All incoming and outgoing emails will come from a “” email address.

We have taken steps to correct this issue and notified the authorities. We have done our best to reply to, and proactively reach out to some of the affected post-secondary institutions, but we understand that things will fall through the cracks.

We are asking job seekers to be vigilant. If something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t. We encourage students to speak to their career services centres prior to applying to anything that appears out of the ordinary. If you are unsure, you are welcome to reach out to us at so we may verify the authenticity of the job posting. Please share this to any students or job seekers you know so they do not fall victim to this highly illegal scam.

If you have been a victim of this fraudulent activity, please contact your financial institution as soon as possible and report it to the police.

We wish all job seekers and students good luck in their job search and we hope this unfortunate and illegal activity will cease as soon as possible.

The Hisense Canada HR Department


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