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Hisense H9G TV Review

Alexander Tozzi, Nicholas Dr Giovanni and Yannick Khong of popular tech review site Rtings.com put the Hisense H9G (Q9G in Canada) through the ringer to bring customers comprehensive information to assist them with their consumer electronics shopping research. Spoiler alert: we got an "A". 

""The Hisense H9G is a well-rounded TV with impressive overall performance. It's a pleasant upgrade over its predecessor, the Hisense H9F. It has an outstanding contrast ratio, a full-array local dimming feature that helps the TV display extremely deep blacks, and it has incredible black uniformity." Read the full review on the Rtings website.

Check out the full review here. And if you're looking to pick up the Q9G in Canada, you can grab it from Amazon.caVisions Electronics, and Costco Canada


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