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Finding the Right TV for your Viewing Habits

Finding the Right TV for your Viewing Habits

Your favourite programs are produced differently; they should be watched differently as well

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (May 1, 2020) — There was a time when a TV was just a TV — you could take your pick among sizes, but the picture was going to be essentially the same.

But modern TVs are vastly different, with different features that cater to different viewing habits. The action of sports moves more rapidly than a sitcom, where characters are (for the most part) sitting around swapping dialogue. When shopping for your next TV, it is beneficial to know what you will be watching on it to maximize the enjoyment of your purchase.

“The innovation in today’s TVs is quite remarkable and has changed how we watch what we like to watch,” says Meaghan Wilkinson, Director of Marketing for Hisense Canada. “But it is also good to know what technology and features to look for to match your viewing habits. If all you do is watch sports, you may experience drag on your screen if it can’t keep up with the action. On the other side, if you never watch sports, a TV with a high refresh rate may be a bit more than you need.”

Do your research and make the best of the situation by making sure you have the ideal TV for your viewing habits:

•    Movies — In your home movie theatre, the two most important elements you want to consider are size and sound. Big screen for big movies, and strong sound that helps bring the movie to life — adding to the tension, action or humour as appropriate. But colour balance is also a key consideration, giving depth to the dark scenes — as opposed to just one big splotch of black — and vibrancy to the bright ones. If you have the budget, Laser TV is tailor-made for an exceptional movie experience. A massive screen and 4K UHD HDR resolution project a cinema-quality image while a Harmon Kardon audio system makes sure every beat, tone and sound effect resonates. It also boasts smart built-in movie and music apps so that you can access to all of your favourite streaming services.

Television Shows — If sitcoms or riveting weekly dramas are more your thing, your needs are a bit different. TV Shows are typically brighter than a feature film, with less action (particularly if you are a fan of sitcoms). A 4K UHD TV perfectly suits the desires of a dedicated TV show-watcher. It has more than eight million pixels to offer a clear picture and is adaptable for use with cable, satellite or streaming. There is good contrast for those dramatic serials with lots of dark scenes, and brightness for the sitcoms that are typically filmed with multiple cameras under bright lights. An operating platform like Roku gives access to more than 100,000 movies and TV episodes.

Sports — Granted, there are no live sports happening at the moment. But the sports stations are replaying classic games, and with the right TV you can watch it even better than the first time around. (Imagine if HD TVs were around when Toronto Blue Jay Joe Carter hit his World Series-winning homerun in 1993?) For ideal sports watching, you want low input lag (and ideally an MEMC chip). Quantum Dot technology will provide the most vibrant array of colours and sharp contrast, with HDR (High-Dynamic Range) to get the most detail in the picture. The Hisense Q8G is a 4K ULED TV that offers amplified colour, contrast and brightness — everything you need for a watching a great game.

Video Games — If you plan to spend your time gaming, high resolution, stark contrasts and a quick-moving screen to keep up with action without any lag time is what you want to look for in a TV. HDR ensures a high range of colours and an MEMC chip will smooth out the flow of action on the screen. Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atoms® create amazing realism that you will see, hear and feel. Without question, the best gaming is done on an elite TV.

Small Space Living — If you are isolating in a small apartment or condominium, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a small viewing experience or sacrifice modern features. It wasn’t that long ago that you needed a big space for a big TV — and the cabinet that contained it. Today, all you need is some wall space. There are excellent viewing options in TVs today between 43 and 55 inches, including 4K UHD resolution and Quantum Dot technology, and SmartTV options with built-in Android or Roku platforms and popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Crave and Amazon Prime.


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