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14,000 BTU Portable AC with Heat Pump
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14,000 BTU Portable AC with Heat Pump
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14,000 BTU Portable AC with Heat Pump
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14,000 BTU Portable AC with Heat Pump
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14,000 BTU Portable AC with Heat Pump
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14,000 BTU Portable AC with Heat Pump

14,000 BTU Portable AC with Heat Pump

Model: AP-14HR1SFTS00

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I've got cool comfort,
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Stay cool and comfortable without needing to install a heavy air conditioner in the window and affecting the exterior appearance of your home. Unlike a traditional window air conditioner, the Hisense 14K BTU high-flow air conditioner features easy installation and can cool a room up to 500 square feet. It has four caster wheels, an easy-to-install window kit for windows 18" to 50" wide, an I-Feel™ remote with a built-in temperature sensor, and a programmable clock. Producing instant heat, the 14,000 BTU heat pump function can be switched on for a cold snap and allows year-round use. Four modes (cool, heat, dehumidify or fan) make the 14K BTU portable air conditioner a real workhorse.

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Don't get up. We got this.

Control the AC from the couch with the I-Feel™ remote. A built-in temperature sensor “feels” the ambient temperature of your surroundings and adjusts the cooling power of the unit accordingly. After powering on, the auto louvre adjusts airflow to a certain angle. You can just sit there, looking cool, and feeling cool.

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Smarter and better.

Smart Mode and one-touch operation temperature control make it easy to get a room cooling quickly and efficiently. Set it and forget it with a programmable 24-hour on/off clock (that actually looks like a clock) and timer. How’s that for easy? Sleep mode uses lower, quieter fan speeds and automatic temperature adjustments for eight hours of cooling, before automatically shutting off.

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A cinch to install.

Install your portable AC in minutes with a window kit that includes a 59-inch-long air hose. The supplied window mounting kit comes in four pieces - so there is no cutting needed. 

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Shhh. Don't make a sound.

Super quiet operation with a low operating noise level of 52 dBA when the fan is on low. 

Now, here's the technical bit…

Below, you’ll find all the technical details, such as dimension etc.

Label Text
14,000 BTU
Label Text
up to 500 sq.ft.
Label Text
51-53 dBA
Label Text
4 in 1
Label Text
3 Cooling Speeds
Label Text
16°C - 30° C


Model Number
Cooling Capacity (BTU)
Maximum Cooling Space (sq.ft.)
Noise Level (dBA)
Voltage / Freq / Amps
115V/60Hz / 11.8A
Heating Capacity (BTU)
12K BTU Heat Pump

Control Features

Unit Control Type
Fan Control
Thermostat Control
16-30°C (61-86°F)
Display Type
Sleep Mode
Dry Mode
Smart Mode
Cooling Speeds
3 speeds
Temperature Display Units
°C / °F
24 Hr
Auto Restart

General Features

Removable Filter
Washable PP Filter
Motorized Air Swing
Yes (on remote)
Vent System
Single Hose, 5.9”D x 59”L
3.23 Pints / hr
Airflow (CFM)
204 – 278


Remote Control
Yes (included)
Air Hose


Unit Dimensions (inches)
17.5"W x14.8"D x 29.5"H
Shipping Dimensions (Inches)
19.6"W x 16.8"D x 35"H
Net Weight / Gross Weight (lbs)
82.8 / --

Warranty / UPC

2 Year Defective Exchange

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