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Hisense's smart built-in dishwasher earns recognition in CES ® 2024 innovation awards

Hisense's smart built-in dishwasher earns recognition in CES ® 2024 innovation awards

SUWAN, GA. November 16, 2023 — Hisense, provider of high-performance televisions and appliances, introduces the Smart Built-In Dishwasher with Autodose & Autodry ahead of its CES® 2024 debut. The stainless-steel dishwasher will be the only smart dishwasher with liquid detergent auto-dosing and auto-dry door pop-out in the U.S. market, and has received recognition as a CES® 2024 Innovation Awards honoree due to its smart functionality and design.

With Hisense’s latest smart dishwasher, users can load their dishes, select a cleaning program, and have detergent automatically added to the dishes in the precise quantity required for each wash. The auto-dosing compartment will store up to a month’s worth of detergent, eliminating the need for daily measuring and greatly simplifying the cleanup process. The dishwasher’s large capacity and flexible loading options can accommodate up to 15 place settings, allowing users to fit more dishes, plates, cups and utensils in a single run. And thanks to Hisense’s own inverter technology, noise level when running is kept to a low 40 dBA, equivalent to the inside of a library.

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the Autodry door pop-out function opens the dishwasher door automatically to expel the steam, an efficient and effective way to dry dishes quickly.

Since introducing its first full-size refrigerator to the U.S. in 2019, Hisense has continued to expand its home appliance catalogue, which has grown to include gas and electric ranges, over-the-range microwaves, dishwashers, wine and beverage coolers.

In December 2022, Hisense doubled down on its North American growth, investing $7M to open its new 10,000 sq. ft Home Appliance Research Center (HARC) in Suwanee, Georgia that serves as the company’s U.S.-based innovation hub and R&D Center for home appliance product design and testing. This commitment was further amplified by the opening of Hisense’s Mexico manufacturing center, shifting its home appliance production from Asia to North America. Growing Hisense’s manufacturing, production, and resource and development capabilities in North America is a key component of the company’s goal to produce products for North American consumers in the same region.

“This award is just the start of what’s to come for Hisense home appliances,” said David Gold, President of Hisense Americas. “Now with an established team in the U.S. dedicated to quality product performance and developing new innovations, Hisense appliances will continue to improve and expand at breakneck speed. We look forward to introducing a wide range of new products over the next several years and growing Hisense’s position as a category leader not only in the U.S, but across the Americas.”

About Hisense USA

Since 2001, Hisense USA Corporation, a subsidiary of Hisense Group, has been a leading provider of technology products, encompassing a diverse range of offerings such as televisions, Laser TVs and Cinemas, refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, beverage coolers, and freezers. As the Official TV and Home Appliance Partner of the NBA, the company places maximum emphasis on performance, quality, and value, leading to remarkable industry growth and a reputation for producing award-winning products. In 2022, Hisense achieved the notable distinction of being the second largest global TV manufacturer, demonstrating its commitment to both maintaining superior product quality and ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

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